Texas All Lines Adjuster License

Continuing Education Provider No. 75651, Course Approval No. 90214
How do I get an Adjuster License?

You must take an approved Pre-Licensing Course, then pass the course exam. Our All Lines course is an approved pre-licensing course (Course Approval No. 90214). The term "pre-licensing" is verbiage used by the Texas Department of Insurance, unfortunately it is misunderstood by just about everyone! It does not mean there is an additional course you must take. It simply means it is a course that must be taken PRIOR to receiving your license.

ONE COURSE and ONE EXAM is all that is needed to get you licensed and started on your new career. Thanks to reciprocity, your Texas All Lines Adjuster License gives you a geographic reach of over 30 states!

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After you have completed the registration you will be directed to make your payment of $235. Click on the Paypal link. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can set one up, or if you simply want to pay with a credit card that option is also available on the Paypal site.

Once you have registered and made payment you can begin the course whenever you are ready. You will have 24/7 access. After successfully passing the exam at the end of the course, you will be mailed your completition certificate with instructions on sending it to TDI to get your license. Once submitted to TDI it generally takes two weeks to process and get your license mailed to you. At that point you are a Licensed Insurance Adjuster!

Texas All Lines Adjusting LLC, is an OFFICIAL Texas All-Lines Adjuster SELF PROVIDER This course is approved as a substitute for the Texas All Lines Adjuster Exam; when you have successfully complete this 40 hour course and exam, you will be exempt from having to take the exam through Texas Department of Insurance. (TXALA - Continuing Education Provider No. 75651, Course Approval No. 90214)
Requirements for the Texas Insurance Adjuster License:

A. Must be 18 years of age.
B. Must be a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services.
C. Must take a certified adjuster pre-licensing course (available on this site . . . click on Course Registration).
D. If a non-resident applicant holds a license in a state that allows Texas adjusters to operate within their jurisdiction, that applicant does not need to take the state exam prelicensing course.

Exemption: Adjusters holding an AIC or CPCU are not required to pass the state exam or take a pre-licensing course.

Texas All Lines Adjusting Course

Increase your adjuster opportunities by acquiring the adjuster license that will allow you to work in over 30 states - the Texas All Lines Adjuster License. TXALA is a licensed provider (provider # 75651) that will furnish you with the instruction, training and foundation necessary to start your career as a Claims Adjuster. Our web-based learning solution follows the mandated structure set forth by the Texas Department of Insurance, and is designed to adequately prepare you for the final exam at the end of the online course.

The damage from a natural disaster is psychological as well as physical. As a Texas All Lines Adjuster, you calm the mental trauma by quickly and professionally assessing the damage and explaining the assistance procedures. By providing the homeowner with the understanding of their insurance policy and specifically how it will cover their particular situation, you offer comforting reassurance when they need it the most. Then by writing up the claim, they have a clear vision of the recovery process. The effective communication of information, along with compassion and a professional attitude, best describes your role as an All Lines Claims Adjuster in providing hope to those whose lives have been devastated by a natural disaster.

Who needs a Texas All Lines Adjusting certificate?
  • Any individual wishing to start a new career as an Insurance Adjuster.
  • Professionals who already have an Insurance Adjuster License, that simply want to extend their marketability with a Texas All Lines Adjuster License.
  • Insurance Adjusters licensed only in Property and Casualty who wish to expand their opportunities by obtaining an All Lines License.
  • Experienced insurance adjusters who wish to obtain the highly prized Texas All Lines Adjuster License that is recognized by reciprocity in over 30 states. They will be able to work almost anywhere in the United States.
Why is the Texas All Lines Adjuster's License ESSENTIAL for a lucrative career?
  • The Texas All Lines Adjuster License is the most respected license in the country, which makes it the most profitable.
  • Texas was the state that literally wrote the book on Insurance. Because of the high standard incorporated into their license, most states recognize the All Lines License from Texas as valid in their own state.
  • The All Lines Adjuster License is the broadest license available, allowing an adjuster to work the following claims: Residential, Commercial, Auto, Farm and Ranch, Inland Marine, Ocean Marine and Worker's Compensation.
  • As an adjuster with a Texas All Lines License, by proxy you have the ability to work claims in over 30 states, which gives you a virtual nationwide geographical range in which to operate.
  • State exams are notoriously difficult while pre-licensing courses are designed to be as student friendly as possible. So Texas allows students to take approved pre-licensing courses rather than the conventional state insurance adjuster exams.
  • This Texas license, along with Xactimate (which is also available through TXALA), makes an adjuster a valuable addition to any roster.
Course Objectives
Texas All Lines Adjusting (TXALA) is a next generation training course designed by Adjusters who wanted a simpler and more realistic training experience. We have toned down most of the insurance jargon that is so pervasive in the industry, making the crucial information you require easier to understand and put into practice. By eliminating the jargon and much of the legalistic phraseology provided by the Texas Department of Insurance, we dramatically enhance your understanding of what would otherwise seem convoluted and redundant.
Our mission is to adequately prepare you for the final exam. This is a 40 hour course that allows you the convenience to study and work online 24/7. TXALA follows the mandated format as directed by the Texas Department of Insurance, which consists of reading assignments accompanied by quizzes, a 10 hour self study assignment you print out, followed by a 150 question proctored final examination. Our course is highly interactive and very easy to use. When you have successfully completed the course and passed the final exam, you will be mailed your completion certificate for your Texas Adjuster License. You will then mail a copy to the Texas Department of Insurance along with a finger-print receipt and the $50 application fee. You will then be mailed your license in about two weeks
Learning Objectives
  1. Understanding Legal Contracts
  2. Basic types of Insurance and Insurers
  3. Adjusting Losses
  4. Claims
  5. Homeowners and Dwelling Policies
  6. Homeowners Forms
  7. Personal and Business Automobile Insurance
  8. Commercial Line Coverage
  9. Business Owners Policy
  10. National Flood Insurance Program
  11. Ocean Marine Insurance
  12. Farm Insurance
  13. Inland Marine Insurance
  14. Texas Insurance Regulations
  15. Other Policies
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